Pierre Garreaud is a Peruvian Sound Healer Shaman and Teacher. He is a very talented inspirational singer and has
the gift of transporting audiences into high frequency spaces allowing them to connect to the deepest parts of their
Soul. By using his voice, sacred chants and unique sounds he helps the participant’s left brain to slow down, quieting
the chatter, getting rid of collective mental static allowing the healing process. Participants are subdued to travel into
the inner worlds awakening aspects of their being that have been dormant or only accessible through deep

As a Shaman he creates energetic shifts within the participant in a safe and sacred space. Energetic blockages are
removed and by the use of light and sound the seven chakras and luminous field are cleared, aligned and brought
back to healthy wellbeing. By working with sound and intent Pierre opens the acupuncture meridians allowing the
“Chi” energy to move freely through the body promoting health at all different levels of the Body, Mind and Soul.

Pierre was born in Lima Peru. When he was 18, Pierre traveled to the City of Cuzco for the first time. Immediately he
discovered a deep connection with the Andes and the Inca elders of this land. This connection inspired him to
research and learn more about the native people of Peru and their natural healing ways.  

After finishing high school, Pierre graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Lima. Simultaneously,
Pierre followed his heart passion and studied music at the Peruvian National Conservatory. During this time he
discovered the power of healing while performing with his musical group. He knew that sound performed with intent
had a special quality that submerged the audience in a sacred sonic space allowing them to experience a profound

In 1984, Pierre came to Boston to deepen his musical studies and graduated from Berklee College of Music with
Magna Cum Laude honors in the field of Film Scoring. After finishing school he moved to Los Angeles, California
where he worked in his own studio as a composer and producer for TV shows and performing artists.
During the early 90’s Pierre became an advocate of deep Meditation under the guidance of the Self Realization
Fellowship, a center founded by the Hindu Master Paramahansa Yogananda. After several years of daily practice and
deep dedication he was initiated in the practice of Kriya Yoga.

Right about this time he also strengthened his education and practice of Peruvian Shamanism by organizing healing
tours and assisting Maestro Agustin Rivas, a healer from the Amazon region who works with the medicine plant of

Pierre learned from Don Agustin the healing power of music and how the intent of the healer can shift consciousness
on a client by the use of different sounds, instruments, frequencies and vibration; but most important, he learned the
power of the Icaros which are enchanting songs used by the shaman to call the spirits of the rain forest -the light
teachers- who come to assist during ceremony.

For the last 18 years Pierre has gone back and forth to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon of Peru to train with
well-respected healers. Pierre’s goal is to weave a sacred tapestry that bridges and incorporates the ancient wisdom
and knowledge from all native cultures with our modern technological western civilization. He integrates Eastern
meditation, Native American healing techniques, ancient healing sounds, ritual and ceremony in honor of all living
things in the Universe. As a result, Pierre brings healing to individuals and mother earth in order to create awareness
and bring new consciousness to our existence.